Journal of Basic and Environmental Sciences

Vol.7 No.2

Preparation, characterization and optical properties of copper oxide nanoparticles via auto-combustion method
Ayman A. Ali*Ibrahim S. Ahmed, Alaa S. Amin and Mai M. Gneidy


Copper nanoparticles have been successfully synthesized by using low auto-combustion synthesis method followed by calcination at 500 oC for two hours. The calcined copper oxide nanoparticles were investigated by various tools such as XRD, DRS, FT-IR and HR-TEM. The characteristic absorption peak at 535 cm-1 corresponds to copper-oxygen stretching vi¬bration mode of copper oxide. The HR-TEM micrograph of the obtained copper oxide sample reveals the spherical nanoparticles with soft agglomeration and the average particle size calculated from TEM-image is about 35 nm for CTA sample.

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