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Current Volume Vol.4 No.2 April 2017
  • Seismic interpretation of AbuRoash "g" member, in Abu Gharadig oil and gas field, north western desert, Egypt
  •     Ahmed Abdelmaksoud, Hatem F. Ewida , Galal H. El-Habaak and Ahmed T. Amin

    Abu Gharadig (AG) oil and gas field lies in the central portion of the AG basin in the northern part of the Western Desert. The Abu Roash “G” (AR”G”) represents the basal member of the Abu Roash Formation and comprises shale and limestone with interbeds of sandstone. This member may act as a source, reservoir or seal rock. Structural patterns of the AR “G” Member play an important role in the hydrocarbon potentialities and prospect....

  • Prevalence of the beta-lactamase producing bacteria in diabetic foot infection of the Egyptian diabetic patients
  •     Abdelgyed lela1, Ahmed Radwan, Mohamed Fouda,sehamShash, Mahmoud Hazaa.

    Adiabatic foot infection is one of the most feared complications of Diabetes mellitus. Many studies have reported on the bacteriology of Diabetic Foot Infections (DFIs) over the past 25 years, but the results have been varied and often contradictory.,Determination the prevalence of beta-lactamase producing bacteria in diabetic foot infections and study the pattern of antibiotic resistance to these isolates, which were received from Mansoura....

  • Corrosion Inhibition of Aluminum by Novel Amido-Amine Based Cationic Surfactant in 0.5 M HCl Solution
  •     A. Y. El-Etre, Ahmed H. Tantawy, Salah Eid, Doaa F. Seyam

    A novel amido-amine based cationic surfactant, namely, 3-decanoylamino-propyl-ethyl-dimethyl-ammonium iodide (DAEI) was synthesized and its chemical structure was confirmed using FTIR spectroscopy and 1H NMR spectra. The surface activities of synthesized compound were investigated. Free energies of adsorption and micellization processes were calculated. The inhibition effect of synthesized surfactant on the corrosion of aluminum in 0.5 M HCl....

  • Removal of Cu (II) and Zn (II) ions from aqueous solution by clay mineral
  •     Gamal O. El-Sayed, Sedek A. Sedek, Nawal M. Abdallah

    The ability of a type of clay to adsorb Cu(II) and Zn(II) ions from aqueous solutions was studied and optimized. Different factors affecting adsorption were considered and studied individually. These factors include contact time, pH, initial metal ion concentration, clay dose and temperature. Langmuir, Freundlich and Temkin isotherm models were studied for the adsorption process. Depending on the values of correlation coefficients of the....

  • Structural and Lithostratigraphic evolution of Al Baraka Oil field, Komombo Basin, Upper Egypt as deduce from 2D seismic lines and well logging data
  •     Mo’men A, Darwish M., Abdelhady A., Mahmoud A. Essa

    Twenty 2D seismic lines were interpreted with three well velocities and time-depth trace conversion to characterize the different stratigraphic tops of Komombo basin and to highlight the major structural elements. Five depth structure contour maps were constructed on the tops of Pre-Cambrian Basement, Neocomian, Aptian and Albian/Cenomanian sequences. The interpretations of depth structure contour maps show two main fault trends: NW-SE and NE to....

  • Celery (Apium graveolens) Extract as Corrosion Inhibitor for carbon steel in 1 M HCl
  •     H.E .Megahed, M. Sobhi, S. Nour

    Celery (Apium graveolens) was used as natural corrosion inhibitor of carbon steel in 1.0 M HCl. The results of weight loss method and polarization showed that the inhibition efficiency was increased by increasing the Celery (Apium graveolens) inhibitor doses and reached the maximum at 500 ppm. The inhibition action of the extract was discussed in view of Temkin adsorption isotherm. It was found that the adsorption of the extract on Carbon steel....

  • Spectroscopic Characterization and Biological Activity of Mixed Ligand Complexes of Transition Metals with Levofloxacin and Phenyl Azo compounds
  •     Talaat Y. Mohamed, M. E. Moustafa, Shoukar T. Atwa and Bassant O. Helmy

    Mixed ligand complexes of the type [Levo.- M- (L1 - L4)], where M = Co (II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zr (IV), Levo. is levofloxacin drug as a primary ligand and L1-L4 are four azo compounds as secondary ligands, were prepared and characterized by elemental analysis, molar conductivity, FT-IR, UV-Vis spectroscopy, magnetic moments, and thermogravimetric (TG&DTA) analysis. Spectral and elemental analysis data showed that both levofloxacin drug and the....

  • Genetic Analysis of Six Parental Sesame Genotypes for Yield and Its Attributes in F1 Crosses
  •     M. T. M. Abd El-Kader, , R. M. Fahmy, H. F. A. El-Shaer and M. A. Abd El-Rahman

    To identify superior hybrids and create desirable combinations, a half diallel set involving six parental sesame genotypes was conducted in 2014 season. Six parental sesame genotypes and their 15 F1 crosses were evaluated at Bahteem Research Station in summer season 2015 using randomized complete block design with three replications. Genotypes and its components (parents, hybrids and parents vs. hybrids) mean squares were highly significant for....

  • Some heavy metal contents in surface water and sediment as a pollution index of El-Manzala Lake, Egypt
  •     M. E. Goher, M. H. Abdo, W.A. Bayoumy, T. Y. Mansour El-Ashkar

    El-Manzala Lake is one of most important lake in north Delta of Egypt. It is exposed to huge amounts of serious pollutants especially heavy metals. The main objective of this research was to evaluate the spatial distribution of the heavy metals in water and sediment of the lake. Accordingly, Metal index (MI) and pollution index (PI) were calculated to assess the contaminations of the lake water with the metals named Fe+2, Mn+2, Cu+2, Zn+2, Pb+2,....



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