Journal of Basic and Environmental Sciences

Vol.3 No.3

Occupational radiation dose estimation over radioactive waste of phosphoric acid purification and ore products projects
Ahmed Mohsen, Dr.Mohammed Mostafa, Dr. Mohammed Mohammed Fawzy, Dr. Talaat Salah El-Din Ahmed, Dr. Amany Yaiha Shahine


Radioactive materials concentration of four studied waste samples resulted from Phosphoric acid purification project and ore products project were measured using gamma ray spectrometry (high purity germanium-HPGe detector). These concentrations were measured for U- 238 in range of (471.6-5.8×103) Bq/kg [(38.02-469.6) ppm] , Th-232 ranged between (34-1.33×103) Bq/kg [(8.4-326.9)ppm] Ra-226 ( 227-8346) Bq/kg [(18.4-699.1) ppm] and K-40 (263-1156) Bq/kg [(0.8-3.7) ppm].Measurement of radon daughter and uranium concentration in air consider by work level (WL) at indoor site for phosphoric acid purification and ore products projects equal 0.012 and 6.48×10-3 WL respectively. Also it observed that there is no uranium concentration in air. Although the U- 238 , Th-232 and Ra-226 concentration were higher than the recommended concentration for terrestrial radionuclide in waste samples but also the annual effective doses for workers were in the acceptable dose limit because the methods used for treatment and leaching process lead to separation the most of radioactive material.

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