Journal of Basic and Environmental Sciences

vol.8 No.3

Application of Aluminium ferrisilicate/ Salophene Schiff base composite for uranium (VI) adsorption from sulfate leach liquor
Lamia A. Yousef Ahmad A. Ahmad


Aluminium ferrisilicate (AFS) and / aluminium ferrisilicate Salophene Schiff base composites were prepared, characterized and tested for uranium (VI) adsorption from sulfate leach liquor using batch experiment technique. The effect of adsorption parameters such as pH value, composite dose, initial uranium concentration, shaking time, interfering ions and temperature were investigated and optimized. The kinetics of uranium adsorption by (AFS) and (AFS/ Salophene Schiff base) composites were studied using Lagergren pseudo-first order, pseudo-second order, Elovich, liquid film diffusion and intra-particle diffusion models. The pseudo-second order model was more suitable for our experiment. These data show that the process was exothermic and spontaneous. Testing of each composite for different adsorption isotherms revealed that the achieved experimental data were fitting well with the Langmuir and Dubinin–Radushkevich isotherm models. Using 0.25M H2SO4 acid solution, uranium (VI) ions was desorbed efficiently, and the composites were successfully regenerated. The optimum conditions were applied for adsorption and precipitation of uranium from cataclastic rocks, Abu Rusheid leach liquor, south Eastern De nsert, Egypt.

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