Journal of Basic and Environmental Sciences

Vol.8 No.1

Synthesis, Structure and Characterization of Some Metal Organic Framework Based on 4-Aminobenzoic Acid Schiff Base Linker
Reem G. Deghadi* Ayman S. Eliwa, Wafaa M. Hosny


Due to their large surface area and porous structures, metal organic frameworks (MOFs) represent a desirable material as a result of array of nurturing features. In this article, a novel Schiff base ligand was prepared and then used as a linker for synthesis of novel Cd(II)-MOF and Cu(II)-MOF under ultrasonic condition. The newly synthesized Schiff base, Cd(II)-MOF and Cu(II)-MOF were characterized using different characterization tools such as infrared spectra and thermal analysis. The binding of the carboxylate group of the synthesized Schiff base was in monodentate manner to Cu(II) and Cd(II) ions as indicated from the IR spectra.

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