Journal of Basic and Environmental Sciences

Vol.8 No.1

Geochemistry and Radioactive Mineralization Inspections of the Pegmatite Bodies Associating Variable Granitic Environs, Abu Hadeida Area, North Eastern Desert, Egypt
M. Abdel Monsif


Two types of pegmatite (Mineralized and non-mineralized) pegmatite are identified in Abu Hadeida area. Mineralized pegmatite characterized by high contents of trace, rare earths, uranium, and thorium. Mineral associations include uranophane, autunite and thorite. Non mineralized pegmatite has low contents of trace and radioelements. REE patterns of the two pegmatites show M-W tetrad effects suggesting the dual effect of late stage hydrothermal solutions and surficial or underground water. Difference in pegmatite properties despite their presence in the same rocky environment may be due to the difference in the magma melt which the mineralized pegmatite emerged, where mineralized pegmatite bound to magma rich unlike normal type.

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