Journal of Basic and Environmental Sciences

Vol.7 No.1

Synthesis and characterization of activated carbon as a heterogeneous catalyst derived from palm leaves for production of biofuel
Haytham NabilHaytGalal Hosni Sayed, Nabel A. Negm Ghada Ishaq, Ali A. Abd-Elaal


In this study, activated carbon was prepared from palm leaves as renewable source. The prepared activated carbon was characterized using different spectroscopic and surface analysis to determine its chemical and morphological structures. The prepared activated carbon was used as a heterogeneous catalyst at different ratios in catalytic cracking of castor oil to produce biofuel. The parameters controlling the production of the biofuel were determined and the reaction condition was optimized. The fuel properties of the produced biofuel were determined including: viscosity, density, flash and fire points, pour point and smoke points.

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