Journal of Basic and Environmental Sciences

Vol.7 No.1

Synthesis and characterization of diquaternary di-Schiff base compounds and their potential as antimicrobial agents against different types of microorganisms
Ahmed H. MoustafaAhmed H. MouGalal H. Sayed, Kh. Zakaria, Nabel A. Negm


Three Schiff base compounds were prepared from the reaction of acetophenone and o-phenylene diamine, p-phenylene diamine and benzoimidazole designated as (AH1-AH3). The products were reacted by dimethyl sulfate to obtain three diSchiff base cationic derivatives (AH4-6). The chemical structures of the prepared diSchiff bases and their cationic derivatives were confirmed using elemental analysis, infrared spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance spectra. The prepared cationic derivatives were evaluated for their antimicrobial activities against Gram-positive, Gram-negative and sulfate reducing bacteria. The evaluation was involved inhibition zone diameter and minimum inhibitory concentration measurements. The results showed that the chemical structures of the compounds play an effective role on their antimicrobial efficiency.

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