Journal of Basic and Environmental Sciences

Vol.6 No.2

Adaptation of Deverra tortuosa (Desf.) DC. (Apiaceae) to its natural localities in Egypt
H. A. AlhobishiD. F. Slima, Z. A. Turki


Deverra tortuosa (Desf.) DC. Is a widespread desert species and salt tolerant plant able to grow in different habitats. The present study aims to determine the effect of different environmental factors (edaphic) on the internal structure of Deverra tortuosa plant organs. Plants in the present study was collected from their natural desert localities which represent different habitats; cultivated fields (fig, olive and barley fields), wadi slopes, sandy plains, and dunes, salt marshes, roadsides and wadi bed. The effect of edaphic factors (soil texture, ionic content, pH, EC, and organic matter) on the anatomical features was studied. Results showed that there were variations among the anatomical features (epidermal features, root diameter, vesicular bundles diameter and cortical thickness) of the plant in accordance with the significant differences among the edaphic factors mainly EC, ionic content and soil texture.

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