Journal of Basic and Environmental Sciences

Vol.6 No.2

Dissolution Kinetics of Lanthanides from Abu Tartur Phosphate Rocks, with Tartaric acid
M. F. KamelS. A. Mohamed, H. I. Mira, M.H. Taha, A. M. Masoud and A. E. M. Hussein


Phosphate rock is one of the most important REEs secondary resources. Accordingly, this work focuses on the selective leaching of REES from Abu-Tartur phosphate rock using Tartaric acid solution. The influence of various factors affecting the leaching process such as reaction time, acid concentration, liquid/solid mass ratio, reaction temperature and stirring speed were thoroughly studied to estimate the favor REEs dissolution in relation to P2O5. The leaching data shows that 90.5 and 26.8 % of REEs and P2O5 respectively could be leached from phosphate rock after 60 min using 1.0 M Tartaric acid and 5/ 1 liquid/ solid, mL/ g, ratio at room temperature with mechanical stirring of 300 rpm. The application of graphical and statistical approaches for the analysis of kinetic data revealed that the rate of REEs leaching from Abu-Tartur phosphate rock using Tartaric acid is determined by the ash layer diffusion step. The apparent activation energy for the dissolution process was calculated as 12.43 kJ/mol. The dissolution process could be expressed by the following semi-empirical kinetic equation:

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