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Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue dye using metal doped TiO2 under Visible Light Irradiation

M. M. Mokhtar      , W. A. A. Bayoumy, Samar M. Said, M. A. Mousa
The paper details with the preparation and physicochemical characterization of nano TiO2 doped with Fe and Cu produced by the sol-gel method using titanium tetra-isopropoxide as the precursor of titania as well as iron or cupper nitrates as dopant sources. The synthesized samples were characterized using XRD, FT-IR, surface texturing, UV-visible and SEM techniques. The photocatalytic activity of the prepared samples was studied using the photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue dye (MB). The Fe-TiO2 showed the best result as the total removal of the dye was 91.75% at pH 7.5 at the dye concentration of 5 ppm for 3 h.

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