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Thermodynamics of solvation for nano zinc ferrite in aqueous hydrochloric acid

M. A. Mousa      ,E. A. Gomaa, M. Kairy and M. E. Eltanany
The molar solubility and thermodynamic parameters of nano zinc ferrite nanoparticles have been studied at different concentration of aqueous hydrochloric acid at temperature ranging between 298 – 318 K. The nano zinc ferrite powder was prepared by thermal decomposition method. Structure and particle size of the reaction product was determined by XRD and TEM analysis. The prepared ferrite showed a spinel structure with particle size 45nm. The solubility of zinc ferrite nanoparticles in different concentrations of aqueous solutions of HCl was determined by the evaporation process. The solubility increased with increasing the temperature and the molar concentration of aq. HCl. The solvation thermodynamic parameters obtained were discussed.

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