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Separation of high quality phosphate by Rhisobium rhizogenes of Egyptian Sebaiya west low-grade phosphate ore

T. A. A. El-barbary      ,and M. A. El-Badry
The current study was conducted to explore the potential of a phosphate solubilizing for the preparation of high quality phosphate fertilizer by bioleaching from low grade Egyptian ore. Bacillus megaterium, Rhizobium rhizogenes and Thiobacillus thiooxidans were evaluated for their ability to phosphate dissolution from Egyptian Sebaiya west low-grade phosphate ore by studying optimization conditions of incubation temperature, incubation time and inoculum size, pH and different carbon and nitrogen as energy sources. Results revealed that dissolution of P2O5 reached to 19.9, 68.4 and 32.2 for B. megaterium, R. rhizogenes and T. thiooxidans respectively. A model has been suggested which assumes that the phosphate radical was attacked by the reducing bacteria to produce unstable soluble phosphorus ions that readily oxidized to P2O5 with water oxygen. Kinetically, the leaching process was a zero-order reaction. In this work applied of microorganism in industrial processes was practically feasible with low cost and friendly environmental process.

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