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Preparation and Spectral Analysis of Nano sized ZnSe Particles

El-Hussein D. Helal      ,Hassan A. Dessouki, Mostafa Y. Nassar and Ibrahim S. Ahmed
Safranine O/ Polycarbonate composite layers were prepared by solution-casting method. The optical absorption of Safranine O -Polycarbonate composite was studied in the range (400-1100 nm) for different concentrations of Safranine O from 50ppm up to 250ppm. It showed absorption characteristic peak at 518 nm which increased with dye concentration. Thedetection of fluorescence of polymer composite illustrated afluorescence peak from 564 nmup to 589 nm with maximum intensity at 50ppm.Thepolymer composites were characterized by using DSC, TGA, and FT-IR which did not illustrate any structure variation with the addition of Safranine O dye up to 250 ppm. Bulk conductivity and dielectric parameters were studied also.

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