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Corrosion inhibition of carbon steel in acidic medium using azo chromotropic acid dye compound

E.M. Mabrouk      ,, S. Eid , M.M. Attia
Polyvinyl alcohol / Poly-aniline composite (PVA/PANI) has been prepared by oxidative polymerization of aniline to test its applicability for uranium ions adsorption. The prepared composite is characterized by BET, FT-IR and SEM. Different controlling factors have been tested namely; pH, contact time, temperature, S/ L ratio and initial uranium ions concentration. The adsorption dependence on pH gives supportive indication for the effect of complex formation on the adsorption process. The kinetics investigation fit to pseudo second order model. Negative values for enthalpy and entropy changes have been obtained. Uranium ions adsorption from waste effluents assured the high adsorption affinity of the prepared composite.

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