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Treatment of Crude Phosphoric Acid from Some Undesirable Impurities

M.M. Fawzy      ,N.M. Farag, Alaa S. Amin, M.S. Elmaghrby
Organic matter contained in wet process phosphoric acid (WPPA) usually interacts with organic solvents and forms stable foams, as well as third layer those prevent phase settling and other separation problems. Hence, removal of these organics seems to be an important step for the production of decontaminated phosphoric acid and successful recovery of undesirable elements. Removal of organic matter from crude phosphoric acid was carried out by adsorption using Kaolin and Ball clay minerals. The different factors affecting the adsorption process were investigated. Under the optimum conditions the results show that, the adsorption process is applicable for the high strength and diluted phosphoric acid. Ball clay was more effective than Kaolin clay in the removal of organic matter as the adsorption efficiency was 53.6

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