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Preparation of A Chelating Polymer and Its Use in Removal of Copper and Cobalt Ions from Polluted Water

G.O. El-Sayed      ,A.A. Khalil, A.I. Eid
Methylene bis acrylamide (MBA) was modified by grafting with itaconic acid to synthesize a chelating copolymer. The structure of this compound was investigated using FTIR. The grafting ratio of MBA to itaconic acid was 1:1 g/g, ratio of copolymer to initiator 1:0.017 g/g, grafting time three hours and the grating temperature was 60oC. The obtained graft copolymer was used as adsorbent for removal of Cu2 and Co2 ions from aqueous solutions. The effects of pH value, contact time, initial metal concentration and polymer dosage on metal ion uptake were reported. Adsorption data for adsorbate concentration are most commonly described by adsorption isotherms, such as Langmuir, Freundlich and Temkin isotherms. Experimental results showed that the metal ions removal percentages increased at pH = 4, using initial concentration of metal ions of 60 mg/L after 60 min of stirring.

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