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Studies on AC Electrical Conductivity, Dielectric Properties and Ion Transport in PVA polymeric Electrolytes

A. Hany*      ,M.A. Mousa, T. El-Essawy
In our studies, we prepared composite membranes from PVA, H2SO4, H3PO4, KOH, KCl and K3 [Fe(CN)6] by using a solution casting method. The prepared films are characterized by XRD and mechanical testing. XRD results display an amorphous character for all the prepared membranes. Highly flexible, bendable and conductive polyvinyl alcohol polymeric films were obtained. Electrical measurements show that polymer electrolyte films enclosing PVA - KOH - KCl - K3 [Fe (CN)6] with a weight ratio of 60: 23:23:4 exhibits the highest room temperature ionic conductivity of~10-2 S cm-1. While pure PVA film gives the lowest ionic conductivity of 2.10 × 10-11 S/cm. Transport number data implies that the charge transportation in all electrolytes system is chiefly owed to cationic ions with transference number (t ) are in the range of 0.97- 0.99. The dielectric constant value was found to decrease exponentially with increasing the applied frequency for pure PVA and doped PVA film composites.

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