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Assessment of water resources setting using hydrogeochemistry and geophysic study El-Tur area, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt

Moustafa M. Abo El-Fadl      ,Abdel-Hameed M. El-Aassar, Mohamed A. Khaled
Due to the sustainable development importance of El-Qaa Plain, El-Tur area, a geophysical and hydro-geochemical study was carried out. The main aquifer in the study area is Quaternary. 23 Vertical Electrical Sounding stations were conducted. There are two dry geoelectric layers. The third and fourth layers are the upper and lower part of the aquifer. The collected 58 groundwater samples were evaluated for different purposes. Total dissolved salts ranged from 303 to 3835 ppm. 83% of groundwater samples are suitable for irrigation purposes according Na%. Also, 93% of total groundwater samples lie in good water class.

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