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A validated micro-sensitive stability-indicating adsorptive stripping voltammetric determination of Alverine citrate utilizing G

Hassan A. M. Hendawy      ,, Ahmed Salah, A.S. Amin, E.M. Mabrouk
An inexpensive stability indicating anodic voltammetric method for rapid determination of ALV has been developed and validated. The method was based on the enhancement of voltammetric response at a nano zinc oxide and graphene oxide modified electrode (ZGE). Square wave voltammetry (SWV) method was developed for quantification of drug in BR buffer solution (pH 6.0) at ZGE. The ZGE displayed very good voltammetric behavior with significant enhancement of the peak current compared to carbon paste electrode (CPE). Stress stability studies were performed using 0.1 M of HCl and NaOH. Mass and infrared spectroscopy were used for identification of degradants and their pathways were illustrated. Under optimal conditions, the peak currents showed a linear dependence with drug concentrations. The achieved limits of detection (LOD) were 0.640 and 1.940 for first peak and second peak respectively of ALV oxidation waves. The developed voltammetric method was successfully applied for direct determination of ALV in drug substances, pharmaceutical vials and in presence of either their corresponding hydrolytic, oxidative-degradants or interfering substances with no potential interferences. The SWV voltammograms were highly advantageous and applicable in QC laboratories for rapid, selective micro-determination of ALV.

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