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Fumigation is the ideal method in treating damaged archaeological paper using Ceratophyllum demersum L extract: A case study

Ali Mohamed Omar      ,Ayman Salah Taha ; Amal A. A. Mohamed Fatma M. El wekeel
All materials of cultural heritage, including paper degradation over time. Microbial contamination with fungi and bacteria can cause a significant damage to old manuscripts as well as a health threat to the librarians. Most of the biological damage is started in poor environmental conditions for storage and display. However, conservation slows down the rate of microbial deterioration. This work aimed to eliminate the effect of microbial deterioration on old manuscripts. The effect of the extract of Ceratophyllum demersum L. Using the fumigation method was studied. The applied doses of the plant extract did not cause any observable alterations or color changes to the old manuscripts. A dose of 200 ppm of the plant extract was the efficient concentration in eliminating microbial growth. Brushing, sparing and fumigation methods were tested for treating microbial deterioration of the old manuscripts. Fumigation using plant extract was found to be the ideal method for its application on damaged archeological papers.

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