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Synthesis of some new isatin derivatives of expected biological activities

M.M.H.Arief      ,W.I.A.El –Dougdoug , M.A.Sayed
Acetylation of isatin with acetic anhydride lead to the formation of N-acetyl isatin 1 which then reacted with semicarbazide in acetic acid to give semicarbazone derivative 2. Which then reacted with different monosaccharide such as glucose, galactose and mannose to give the corresponding azomethine sugar derivatives 3a-c. Reaction of semicarbazone derivatives with aromatic aldehydes such as benzaldehyde and p-chlorobenzaldehyde gave the corresponding Schiff bases 5a,b. Semicarbazone derivatives undergo condensation reaction with different carbonyl groups such as isatin and acetophenone it give the Schiff bases derivatives 6a,b. Also semicarabside derivative 2 reacted with different anhydride namely maleic anhydride, succinic anhydride, and phthalic anhydride in acetic acid to give the corresponding imide 7a-c. Reaction of schiff’s bases derivatives 3a-c and 4 of different sugars with acetic anhydride lead to acetylation of the OH groups to give compounds 8a-c, all newly synthesized compounds were confirmed by elemental and spectral (IR, NMR, and mass) analyses. Some of the synthesized compounds were evaluated in vitro for their anti-bacterial and fungal Activity.

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