Journal of Basic and Environmental Sciences

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Microplastic: A potential threat to marine vertebrates

ASIA NEELAM      ,Omm-e-Hany and Shagufta Ishteyaque
Abstract Plastics are the widely used material of today world,they are potentially widespread in the marine environment and directly accumulate in ocean and sediments.Due to the small size of microplastic, they are ingested by the marine animals including birds,fishes,reptiles and marine mammals with number of health effects on these organism.Plastic fibers in the environment can be as small as 1µm in diameter making easily available to planktonic species.Along with microplastics additives chemicals also transfer in the tissues of target animals,causing biological level hazardous.Hence,as this problem is the global level the rapid solution and further research on other animal is necessary on laboratory scale or natural environment to assess and determined the further food web microplastics assessment with other additives and pollutants concern.

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