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Synthesis, characterization, surface and antimicrobial activityof some nonionic di-Schiff base surface-active agents

Iman A. Gad El-Karim      ,Nabel A. Negm, Samir H. Shafek, Khaled A. M. Abd El-aal
A series of nonionic Schiff base surfactants were prepared by the reaction between polyethylene glycol, glyoxalic acid and phenylene diamine. The prepared compounds were characterized using elemental analysis, FTIR and 1H-NMR spectroscopy. The surface activities of the prepared nonionic surfactants were determined using surface and interfacial tension measurements. The thermodynamic properties of these surfactants in adsorption and micellization were calculated at 25oC. The results showed that the increase in the polyethylene glycol chain length (nonionic chains) increases their adsorption tendencies at the interface.

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